Neuroforaminal Stenosis

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – your backbone is the pillar of strength in your body. If you doubt it, try standing up when you’ve hurt your back. Just that simple, basic motion demonstrates how important your back is.

The vertebral foramina is part of your back. It’s the part of your vertebra that houses the nerve. This is where the information travels, and also where you’re going to see some veins traveling as well.

The vertebral foramina has a series of holes to make this happen, called neuroforamen. And ideally what happens is that these holes stay balanced at the perfect width, never too wide, never too narrow. You get to continue on.

By now, though, you should know that we hardly ever write about things going right.

It is possible for these holes to shrink. That is a case of neuroforaminal stenosis, which is a long Latin way of saying that the holes in your back are shrinking. It can happen for a lot of different reasons, but generally it just means you’re getting older. It can also mean tumors, however.

Just another thing you need a neurosurgeon for. How fortunate that there is one available.

2 Responses to 'Neuroforaminal Stenosis'

  1. klalove says:

    I hope all of us get to know how important our backbone is.. We must take care of it and be familiar with such diseases before it’s too late.. Remember that prevention is better than cure!

  2. niobe says:

    Using layman’s terms in explaining these illnesses are way better than reading the hard to understand medical terms! I learned a lot!

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